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Birthdate:Oct 31
Website:Carpe Wiki page
Name: Mister Jacquel (aka. Anubis)

Fandom: American Gods

Media: Book

Played bymatrixrefugee

Physical description: In his "human form", hes described as being "very tall, [and] dark-skinned", but appears to be a shapeshifter to some extent: sometimes he appears as a small black dog with pricked ears so large it gives him "a comical look", possibly a jackal/Basenji hybrid. If one has recently died, he appears as a monstrous humanoid with the head of a black jackal (Not a face one wants to see to begin with...).

Personality: Calm, even preternaturally so, but not without his moments of godly irritation. He's described as breaking up an argument by emitting a growl worthy of a desert dog. Patient in a slightly grumpy way: Death is patient, but humans -- and other gods -- can be idiots at times. Like most Kemetic gods associated with death, he's generally kind, but there's a cool-blooded quality to this kindness. Can be a bit snarky at times and has a sense of humor that is as dry as the desert sands of the western side of the Nile. He might be the judge of souls, but he's pragmatic about it: he judges without being judgmental, he uncovers good and evil for what they are.

Short biography: Death has existed at least since the dawn of time and since the universe came into existence, but Anubis emerged in the land of the Nile, when the people of Kemet saw jackals scavenging in pit tombs. Different myths are told of his birth: one names him as the brother or the son of Osiris and Isis, or as the son of Ra and Nepthys but in older tales, he existed without a parent god. In the afterlife, he served as the judge and weigher of the hearts of the dead, balancing them against the weight of the feather of Ma'at, or truth: those whose hearts were lighter than the feather went on to a happy afterlife. Those whose hearts were heavier were thrown to Ammet, a beast-like entity, and those whose hearts balanced were allowed to choose whether they would go back to the mortal world or pass on to the next life. But as Jacquel himself informs us, it was a "damned heavy" feather, and you'd have to be evil in order to outweigh it.

When Kemetic sailors crossed the bitter sea to the west and sailed up what would someday be known as the Mississippi River, they brought their gods with them. Later still, when English Christian settlers arrived in the delta of the Big Muddy River, where it empties into the Mississippi, they called the town they established Cairo (pronounced like "Kay-roh"), after the city in Egypt. Since then, with his partner Mister Ibis (aka. Thoth, the god and inventor of hieroglyphs), he emerged as the local funeral director and prosector.

Things were going well, though they were slowly declining (perhaps due to people living longer, perhaps because people weren't believing in him and his kind much), when a young man known as Shadow got wrapped up in something bigger than he expected, something that involved any number of gods, new and old, dwelling in the New World where man had brought them....

Physical Abilities: This guy invented the autopsy and embalming, so he has a knack for both. Also brews a pretty good beer, though he'd be the first to admit, he's not as good at it as the goddesses among the Kemetic pantheon

Superhuman Abilities Can shapeshift into a small, black dog with pricked ears, who can talk, though he won't speak unless spoken to; generally he can do this randomly, but the Mansion will mess with this (though a typist can always ask for a doggy!Jacquel). As a death god, he has a certain power over life and death, but generally he receives the souls of the dead, rather than doing the actual ending of a life, however, since permadeath is a wibbly-wobbly thing at the Mansion, he will be capable of doing so only at the discretion of the typists and the mods. Even still, he's not to be messed with since, if pushed to it, he can end a life like a human snuffing out a candle, however, he will not do this without permission from the typist, though the Mansion's inherent weirdness is likely to disable this ability, unless typist requests this. Can also read souls like an open book or an open body: nothing is hidden from his scrutiny, and in so doing, he uncovers what good or evil deeds that soul has hidden from itself and thus has a certain amount of omniscience, but he's not going to hold it over people's heads, and he isn't going to go rooting around in their heads either, since that would be improper.

As the weigher of hearts, he's never really far from the Hall of Judgment (which seems to be a bit of hammerspace in between the mortal world and the afterlife proper. Even the original texts are hazy about this. Egyptian myth is one of the dynamic systems of mythology ever.), and as such, if a player wants their dying/dead pup to have their heart weighed, there is a very slight chance that they might either see him as he really is or they might well step across into the Hall of Judgment.

To plain vanilla humans, he'll seem to be a quiet, polite gentleman of Middle Eastern or African ancestry. To people who have died before arriving at the Mansion or who died at the Mansion without a reboot, he'll have this vague feeling of power and a gentle darkness about him. To death gods, he's the equal to Hades or Enma or whatever the chief god of death is in their world and commands that kind of respect without demanding it. To other supernatural entities, they will know what he is, and at the player's discretion, they might see past his mask.

Unusual or Magical Possessions: Has, in his pocket, one of those specially made "damned heavy" feathers, used to weigh the hearts of recently departed souls, and will be looking for a balance...

In-game canon: To be played out...
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